Chippewa Boot 20080 Cibola 6

Chippewa 20080 Cibola

Cibola 6 is a 6-inch tall men’s boot that is simple and versatile. The chocolate brown leather exterior is slightly distressed giving this boot a lived-in feel and features antique brass non-tarnishable hooks and eyelets for the durable waxed laces. It has 5 Iron Texon® insoles that allow for a comfortable and flexible fit and the Vibram® outsole provides maximum traction on wet or dry surfaces and various terrain. Made in the USA.

Leather:CHOCOLATE APACHE Construction:GOODYEAR® LEATHER WELT Lining:DRILL VAMP Shank:Triple Ribbed Steel Outsole:VIBRAM® 132 – LUG Midsole:4 Iron Real Flex Insole:5 IRON TEXON®